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Financial Institutions and Brokers have many lines of service’s that it offers to its clients like share trading, portfolio management, commodities trading etc. for which various type of agreements are created. Additionally the contracts of clients among other documents need to be stored. These forms have to stored and retained by the Broker as they are subjected to audits by SEBI, CDSL, NSDL, etc and auditors.

Hyper-KYC not only records KYC data electronically but also facilitates to print/extract ,upload UCC / KYC  data, to enable a client start trading immediately. Any branch located at any remote place in the country can submit broker-client agreement form through Hyper-KYC on the same day to Head Office.

These forms include personal details, photograph, signature and a client–broker agreement. A customer has to enter into a specific agreement depending on the type of services that they would like opt for from Broker. Other documents include contract forms, and other client related documents. The same KYC information can be used across all exchanges and segments.

Incorporates :

Anti-Money laundering module

Repository of Scanned Photo, ID Proof, Address Proof, Signature, etc

Watch Lists

Automatic Export of KYC / UCC data to any Back-Office, NSDL, CDSL, Stock Exchanges

and a lot more


Scanning documents in batch mode includes creation of batch, assign batch for indexing to user & group. Scanning interface include scanner selection, Scanning application interface includes selection of actual scanning and use of an editor to crop, insert after, discard, rotate, de-skew, etc. Additional control of mode - B&W, Grey Scale, Colour -  can be selected. All scanned documents are automatically converted into PDF format and saved for benefits of reduced file size as well as security. Provision to attach digital signature is incorporated.

Software System Capabilities

1. Consolidate enormous volumes of diffused documents and data in unified, centralized, fully searchable repositories securely accessible over the Internet /  Intranet / LAN from any location at any time.
2. The web based On-Line Hyper-KYC’s self-explanatory user interface allows you to easily perform all document management operations (from any computer connected to the network or via the Internet). All document types can be automatically maintained both in (a) the archival, review-only (non-editable) PDF format, featuring the appropriate electronic signatures, and also (b) in the respective editable ("source") format allowing the user with the appropriate access privileges to create new, modified versions. None of the edits or changes, however, will ever overwrite either the archival review-only, or the source files of the previous version - they will only add a new pair of files to the repository.
3. Archive Management module to manually archive selected files and folders or the entire repository. The archive can be exported to a folder on your LAN or saved on portable media for off-site storage. All archives are restorable and, therefore, can be used as part of disaster recovery procedures.
4. Advanced search capabilities - You can rapidly retrieve specific documents using any number or combination of search parameters.
5. Compliance Reporting - Hyper-KYC exhaustively records and stores all user registrations, log-in/log-out activity, file access, and file operations in the form of system audit reports. These inclusive log files provide a chronological history of system resource usage and comprehensive audit trails of all domain activity. This allows system and domain administrators to trace every action or operation to its exact origin, ensuring strict compliance with internal and/or external regulatory standards. Hyper-KYC 's Administrator module Hyper-KYC Report allows authorized users to create, format, and distribute internally and externally reports on any information contained in the repository.

Data Security and Integrity:

The powerful system access controls safeguard sensitive information from compromising exposure and ensure that only authorized users can view, modify, or delete files and folders stored within the repository. Document access is controlled by the Administrator.
Disaster recovery - The Hyper-KYC database supports all data recovery and restore procedures.

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